12 November 2008

Become a Beagle Projecteer!

Here at Beagle Project headquarters, we are weekly - if not daily - inspired and moved by acts of enthusiasm and support coming our way from those kindred hearts and minds from around the world who share our vision.

We're talking about you, the Alejandro Balbianos, Anna Fahertys, Bora Zivkovics, Claudia Myatts, Dan Garrisons, David Kohns, Diana Sudykas, Elke Wattses, George Beccalonis, Glendon Mellows, Gordon Chancellors, Greg Ladens, Hilda Suárezes, Humble Woodcutters, Jason Robertshaws, Jennifer Rohns, Joan Pirraglias, Kevin Zelnios, Matt Browns, Michael Barratts, Michael Bartons, Mike Donoghues, Mike Haubrichs, Miriam Goldsteins, Miss Prismses, Niles Eldredges, Norman Jameses, Peg Steffens, PZ Myerses, Randal Keyneses, Richard Carters, Rick MacPhersons, Rocio Suarezes, Sarah Darwins, Simon Keyneses, Stacey Klamans, Sue Runcos, Sujeevan Ratnasinghams, Sylvia Earles and Tomas Hudsons of this world who are trying, by your actions and collective strength of will, to make the new Beagle appear, plank by plank, on the dry dock in Milford Haven.

Elke Watts and Richard Carter:
two honorary Beagle Projecteers in their Beagle Project gear.
More BPeers in gear here.

Many of you have already hit on creative ways to help us out - artists Diana Sudykas and Glendon Mellow have donated portions of their proceeds, bloggers have linked to us in their posts and sidebars, writers have made impassioned appeals online and in print, scientists have sent us their project ideas, movers and shakers have lent us their networks, classrooms have staged Beagle Project fund-raisers, and all kinds of people have donated to us through PayPal and bought Beagle Project gear in our shops. We have yet to be the recipients of proceeds from a bake sale or lemonade stand, but I'm sure it's not far off.

These unasked-for gifts of time and money are a great help to both our coffers and our spirits, and we will consider ourselves lucky if the trend continues. But, as Elke Watts recently asked me in an email that was so right-on it hurt, shouldn't we do something more organised to channel the goodwill of our enthusiastic supporters into real Beagle Project progress? And it was then that we came up with the idea of promoting and facilitating some coordinated action from this self-assembled group of supporters we've dubbed "The Beagle Projecteers".

The Beagle Projecteers are fans of the project who would be ready and willing to give us the £5 million we need to build the Beagle if only they had it, but in lieu of cash are keen to give of themselves. They are the ones who email us and ask, "how can I help"? And up until now we've only been able to ask that they spread the word and maybe donate via PayPal or buy something in our shop. No more. From now on we shall be able to provide an ever-growing, ever-changing list of tasks and requests for real volunteer action.

Stay tuned for our Cry to Action, and get ready to grab the serious Beagle Blog Bling we are creating for you, our friends and allies, to sport on your blogs and websites.

Without you, we wouldn't even be here. Thank you.


Elke Watts said...

It's frankly impossible not to notice how incredibly good-looking all the Beagle peeps pictured are...is that a requirement?

Karen James said...


Miriam Goldstein said...

Yay, great idea!

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

This is something I have been proud to be a part of, and I appreciate the Beagle Project for making an exception on the "Good looking" part in my case. (Did I say that?) If I had a better relationship with my Congressional Rep, I would be a better lobbyist for trying to get an "earmark" to help fund the American portion of the project. I'll keep on working on the Reps as I run into them and I may contact you'se guys for some lobbyist materials.