9 November 2008

Beagle Trust to BBC: for the last time, we have not yet raised £5m

Update: I complained to BBC using their NewsWatch online feedback form and they corrected the online piece pronto, and on a Sunday too! Thanks, auntie!

Though we are, of course, delighted to see that our big Beagle Project-NASA press release has been covered by the BBC both on radio (fast forward to 1:20:00) and online, we are were just a leeeetle bit miffed that--despite our best efforts to correct them after the radio piece aired--they seemed to keep propagating the fairly serious misconception that we have already raised the money to rebuild HMS Beagle. We are in full on fundraising mode. We have not got anywhere close to the £5m we need yet, and it doesn't help our efforts when major news networks suggest that we have.

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