23 November 2008

And then there were four

Dear readers,

Please join us in making a very loud hullabaloo to welcome our new Beagle Project bloggers, Elke Watts and Richard Carter, both enthusiastic supporters of The HMS Beagle Project, who have kindly consented to lend their very considerable writing skillz to our humble weblog.

Yours truly and Beagle Project Blog founder Peter McGrath, gratefully receiving blogging tips from Chas. Darwin on the 14th of November. The quintessential collaborator, Chas made a not so subtle suggestion that we bring in a bit of fresh blood. Photo by Richard Carter.

Not only can Elke and Richard write circles around pretty much every anglophone around, except for maybe Peter, but they also have specific qualifications and working knowledge that complement our own very nicely indeed. Consider their abridged bios:

Elke Watts was raised in a sailing family, crewed aboard The St. Lawrence 2, a square rigged brigantine, has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Toronto, and just in case that wasn't impressive enough, her degree carried an emphasis on conservation biology.

Elke's also worked in the non-profit environmental sector, on various projects including environmental education, watershed restoration and taking school children on nature appreciation and tree planting expeditions. She's done PR and media relations, and written and published newsletters for environmental NGO's as well as seven major Canadian health care newsletters.

Richard Carter is a self-styled 'Darwin groupie' (I'd rather call him an amateur* Darwin scholar) who led a campaign to get Charles Darwin on the Bank of Enland £10 note.

And in case you hadn't noticed, Charles Darwin is now, in fact, on the Bank of England £10 note.

*pauses for effect*

As if that wasn't qualification enough for becoming a Beagle blogger, which of course it is, he works in IT (yessss!!), lives not terribly far away from Peter McGrath in Yorkshire and has a Natural Sciences degree from Durham University.

And so from Peter and myself, a warm 10-gun salute to welcome Elke and Richard aboard Her Majesty's Blog Beagle Project. We saves u a seat:

*regarding the choice of the word 'amateur' please see comments


Richard Carter, FCD said...

Thank you. Could have done without the damn cats, though.

Karen James said...

Hmm. It appears that, rather than disagreeing about the excellence of Richard's scholarship, we disagree on on the definition (and/or the associations) of the word 'amateur'. It is my understanding that it just means you don't get paid to do whatever it is you do. Richard is an amateur Darwin scholar, in the same way that Darwin himself was an amateur naturalist, and we all know how mindblowingly awesome he was. Even after he became a Fellow of the Royal Society, he was still an amateur. All this to say that by using the word 'amateur' I am not in any way, shape or form implying a lack of seriousness, commitment or expertise.

Karen James said...


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Oh, so it's only official now? I had thought the two were already part of this blog. Well, it's all the richer for you being aboard, Elke and Richard.

Bob O'Hara said...

So will you be trying to get Mr. Darwin himself to start blogging for you ... under a pseudonym, perhaps?

Karen James said...

Bob, well, if he did we would count ourselves tremendously honoured, but I think more than one blog might be a bit much for an infirm Victorian gentleman of his advanced years.

Christopher Roberts said...


I really don't like cats, sorry everyone! In fact, I'm allergic to them!