6 October 2008

We're bound for South Australia!

This sea shanty, sung by a wonderfully harmonious and resonant group of Port Isaac Cornish fishermen, is guaranteed to cheer you up on a Monday (h/t Deep Sea News). Update: Thanks to Howard in comments who dug around and found out these chaps are called The Fishermen's Friends and you can buy their CD Home from the Sea online.


Anonymous said...

A little sleuthing turned up this:

From Wikipedia: "The village is also home to the sea shanty singers, "the Fisherman's Friends", performing every Friday evening in summer from "8-ish" on The Platt in the old harbour. The singers are made up of local residents, including the postmaster and author of the Gully books, Jon Cleave, and the crab and lobstermen of the village. The Fishermen's Friends have performed all over the UK including the Royal Albert Hall and have appeared on the popular TV quiz show Eggheads. The Master of Ceremonies is usually either Jon Cleave or Jeremy Brown."

And it looks like you can buy their CD, too.

Eric Heupel said...

Doh! I remember now when you originally posted this. Awesome stuff.

Mystic Seaport sponsors a festival every year for sea shanties that give us 3 days of nearly nonstop shanties including history and when different songs were used and why. Good stuff. Of course there is also the weekly Monday night sessions at the Griswald also...