4 October 2008

(Not so) new science blogs on the block

This is a 'Beagle blog backlog' post, begun on the 6th of August, 2008 and finished today.

A big Beagle Project hello to these new(ish) science bloggers on the block (well, new to me anyhooo):

First mention goes out to two of my pals:
  • Mark Siddall, AMNH leech cladist who has recently started BdellaNea (invert fans take note!)
  • Professor Mark Pallen, fellow Darwinist and author of the new blog Rough Guide to Evolution (its namesake will be published on 1st January 2009 ...I wonder if Mark might require some bloggeurs to review preliminary copies, eh?).
Next a selection of new and old lovelies from Rick's seemingly comprehensive list of ocean bloggers (which includes a special up-front mention of our close-knit SciBlogCon ocean posse - w00t!!1!1!):
And last but not least, from T Ryan Gregory's list of new "scientist-bloggers" (because while all scientists who blog are science bloggers not all science bloggers are scientists ... er ... uh ... well, you get my point):

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