21 October 2008

Comment policy

OK we have attracted our first comment troll. We are very focussed on one thing here, which is raising funds to build a modernized seagoing version of HMS Beagle on which Charles Darwin sailed. She'll be a seagoing lab, a way of generating eye-popping teaching material for a range of sciences, a celebration of Darwin's life, work and legacy and an icon for science.

So it's fair to say that the directors of the HMS Beagle Trust and the bloggers here are convinced by the merits of evolutionary science and are working to help better explain it to the public around the world and to enrol a new generation of young people in science.

This is not the forum for debating the validity or otherwise of evolutionary theory. If you wish to have that debate, there are places where you can go have that scrap. Go and get flayed at Pharyngula. Leaving anonymous comments quote mining and adding biblical verses adds nothing to the Project or the site so they won't get through moderation in future. We've approved a particularly twerpish example on the previous post. You want to do that stuff, get your own blog.

1 comment:

rpg said...

It wasn't a particularly good troll, either, which is the disappointing thing. Doesn't even attempt to understand what it's trying to bait.

Kindergarten-level trolling. Being held back a year, I fancy.