17 October 2008

The Beagle Project at the House of Lords

Yesterday Beagle Project patrons Lord Julian Hunt, CB, MA, PhD, FIMA, FRS and Lord Richard Livsey hosted a reception for our newly minted charity The HMS Beagle Trust at the Abbey Garden at the House of Lords, pictured right.

We had an excellent turnout including British sailing hero Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (also a patron of the project), Darwin biographer James Moore, and a nice diversity of distinguished supporters from the political, scientific and maritime communities.

Several potential sponsors/donors were also there, and Richard Livsey ended the event with a rousing call to action. To paraphrase, he said, it's up to "us" (meaning those assembled in the room) to do our utmost to help secure support and funding for the Beagle Project. I was struck by the overwhelming feeling that we had come an awful long way (Peter McGrath longest of all) since the inception of the project which has always been a purely volunteer labour of love to be there at the House of Lords with such an esteemed collection of British supporters.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and championed us so far. Let's hope the best days are yet to come!

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Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Oh, I am sure that they are yet to come, Karen.