9 September 2008

Voyage of the Beagle live webcast: today at 12:30 BDT

Warning: this post contains shameless self promotion. The faint of heart may want to turn away now. I shall be interviewed in a live webcast today at 12:30 (London time, BDT = GMT+1) at the Natural History Museum in London. We'll be talking about "The Voyage of the Beagle"; this is part of the new "Darwin the Man" Nature Live season at the museum. You can email in your comments and questions from the website:


Anonymous said...

Yay! Did you wait specifically for me to be on holiday so I could tune in? Alarm clock set.

(I'd never heard of BDT. Is it like BST (British Summer Time), but with the 'D' standing for 'Deluge'?)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, but no sound at my end. Turned off my firewall just in case, but it didn't make any difference. Guess I'll just have to watch the official archived version!

Karen James said...

BDT = British Daylight Time

...but I think I like your interpretation better. Speaking of deluges, I got utterly soaked cycling home last Friday... rivers of water were rushing into my eyeballs and I had to stop periodically and close them to regain osmotic normalcy.

No sound?? Phoo. I'll let them know...

Thomas said...

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