2 September 2008

An unexpected gift

Today at work I got a phone call out of the blue from someone called Richard Johnson, saying he had recently been mentioned on our blog, and that he had something for me and could he come by the museum and give it to me.

At this point, I confess that my mind was racing to remember whether and when I'd written about Richard Johnson, who he was, and therefore whether the "something" was likely to be something I actually wanted. But I thought he sounded nice, and the name had a friendly familiarity to it, so I said okay, and he said he'd be there in twenty minutes or so.

I can't believe I even hesitated, because a quick search hit this recent post about our new banner, where Richard Johnson is identified as the one who brought our attention to and sent us a digital copy of the painting of the Beagle by Ronald Dean that features on the left hand side of the banner. So when the phone call came that he was waiting for me at the reception desk, I went downstairs with some excitement, and there he was, with a nice big printed copy of this, in a glass mount:

Charles Darwin arrives in the Galapagos by Ronald Dean, FCII, RSMA.
(Image updated April 1, 2013 with copyright overwritten at the request of the artist. -KJ)
Richard and I had a nice chat about maritime paintings (he is something of a buff) and Darwin and the museum and the Beagle Project, then we both went our separate ways back to our workdays.

So, thanks, Richard, for making my day and also thanks to Ronald Dean for painting this inspirational picture and giving us permission "to use it any way that we wish and that we approve of".


Anonymous said...

That Richard Johnson is one cool dude. As a general rule, I find most Richards are.

Ian said...

Any chance of producing prints of this painting and selling them through the shop as fund raisers?

Karen James said...

Great idea, ian. We've considered things like this also for the John Chancellor painting that graces our website. I'll bring it up at the next Beagle meeting...

Ian said...

In the meantime it makes a great desktop picture.

Dubai Gift Experiences said...

Really a unique gift. Im so happy for you!
you met Richard Johnson?!?!