24 September 2008

Billionaires: six tanks of gas, or one new Beagle? Time to choose.

Meet GigaYacht "A":

The cost of fueling me for three months would build a new Beagle.

...about which Mark Knowles writes,
Introducing “A” - the most recent member of the giga-yacht club, and to put things in perspective, the fuel tank is 757,000 liters. Diesel fuel costs around €1.40 per liter currently, so it would cost just over €1 million to fill the fuel tank. $1.4 million US just to fill the tank. That amount of fuel will last 15.5 days at cruising speed.
In other words, the cost of filling this boy toy's tank six times (which will propel it for just three months), is equivalent to the cost of building the new Beagle, which will circle the globe using eco-friendly sail-power, spreading the spirit of scientific adventure of everywhere it goes.
“A” is 118 meters long, and from whichever angle you see her is perfect, not a poor line in sight. I understand there are three swimming pools aboard, an owner’s suite, 6 guest suites and accommodations for 42 staff, which includes 5 guest’s staff.
What, no laboratory? No plankton nets? No ROVs? No thermocyclers? No masts to climb? No sails billowing in the salt breeze? No young people earning their tall ship sailing and science stripes? Bah.

“A” was built by Blohm & Voss, in Germany, and was previously designated SF-99, then “Sigma,” when the design went over 99 meters. The design was by Phillipe Starck, and has come in for some considerable criticism. You either love her, or hate her.

Oh, now there's a tough one.

h/t Craig McClain


Anonymous said...

This honestly insn't inverted snobbery, but that's just about the ugliest boat I've ever seen.

(Talking of inverted snobbery, it looks a lot better upside-down.)

wasting resources said...

You don't like her then? lol

Good luck with your project. I am a big fan of replaceable energy myself.

Sissy Willis said...

Philippe Starck himself says it best:

"Everything I designed was unnecessary."