16 September 2008

Registration open for ScienceOnline'09 and OpenLaboratory'08

The 2008 Science Blogging Conference in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina was without a doubt one of the brightest highlights of my year. In two short, snowy, jetlagged days, I met an amazing number of kindred spirits, a significant number of new professional contacts and one famous panda. Nearly a year on and I'm still reeling with gratitude that Bora Zivkovic and Anton Zuiker spent so much time on my behalf convincing the conference sponsors to pay for my flight from London to Raleigh-Durham. Thanks guys!

Registration is now open for the 2009 Science Blogging Conference "ScienceOnline'09". I've already registered and so have 17 28 others. As you'd expect with such a progressive topic, the conference is expanding this year to include two days of talks instead of one, and, like last year, these will follow the "unconference" format, which I've now experienced several times and can highly recommend it.

Timed to coincide with the conference is the publication of Open Laboratory 2008, an anthology of the best writing on science blogs from 2008. Submission is now open - you can submit however many posts you want, from your own blog or someone else's. I was one of the judges last year and was very impressed by both the quality and quantity of submissions. Thar's some gud writin' in them thar interwebs!

This will be the third year for Open Laboratory. The previous years' anthologies can be found here:


rpg said...

Wonder if I can persuade the Faculty to send me to _that_, too?

Karen James said...

Somehow I just knew you were going to leave that comment, Richard. I think I need to get my people to talk to your people.

Hope to see you in North Carolina!

KH said...

I'm wondering if I can pull a similar stunt to rpg. I'd really like to go to this too!

Karen James said...

rpg: so, kh and I both want to know ...how'd you do it? Details, please.