19 September 2008

Open Access fail

Today's Science Magazine has the following article in its "News of the Week" section:
House Weighs Proposal to Block Mandatory 'Open Access'
Jocelyn Kaiser

Last week, members of a powerful House committee held the first-ever congressional hearing on a controversial policy requiring researchers to make their papers freely available to the public at a U.S. National Institutes of Health Web site--and floated a proposal to overturn it.
But when you* click on "Read the Full Text", you get their subscription access page:

Not as ironic as PZ Myers getting expelled from Expelled, but pretty close.

*99.999% of everyone, including me, even thought I am a practicing scientist at a large scientific institution


McDawg said...

Such a shame as Jocelyn Kaiser has authored many great pieces in full support of the OA Community.

Mimi said...

This is a shame. We will see how this goes...

Joe D said...

"Controversial policy". Heh.