13 September 2008

On your mark, get set, subscribe

One of our favourite blogs, Deep Sea News, has completed its much anticipated move from Seed's ScienceBlogs (affectionately known as 'the borg' in science blogging circles) to the Discovery Channel. Their new digs are sleek and ever so subscribable.

It's interesting that the move coincides with simultaneous upheaval in the lives of two of its authors: Kevin Zelnio (also of The Other 95%) has just relocated with his family to the North Carolina coast to start his new job as a research technician at Duke University's Marine Lab, while Peter Etnoyer and his family are weathering Hurricane Ike.

This is a good opportunitiy to thank Peter and Kevin in particular for their unswerving support of the Beagle Project. I met both of them at last year's Science Blogging Conference in North Carolina and they've been championing the project ever since. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to enjoying a cup of grog with you on the deck of the new Beagle.


Kevin Zelnio said...

Thanks Karen, we look forward to telling everyone at Discovery all about the Beagle Project and how important it is for science!

Sam said...
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