29 August 2008

"Tras los pasos de Darwin", Beagle Project feature in Spanish newspaper Público

Gloria Rodríguez-Pina has written an absolutely knock-out article about The Beagle Project in Público (which is, it so happens, the only Spanish newspaper with a dedicated science section).
Tras los pasos de Darwin
Gloria Rodríguez-Pina - Madrid - 28/08/2008 21:15

Recién graduado en Cambridge, con 22 años, un jovencísimo Charles Darwin se embarcó como naturalista a bordo del bergantín HMS Beagle, en un viaje que duraría cinco años (1831-36). El padre de la teoría de la evolución describiría después esta aventura como el acontecimiento más importante de su vida, el que determinó la marcha de toda su carrera...(continued at Público)

Its length allows her to go into a fair amount of detail, she's put in lots of extra links and information in the side bar, and there are two bonus sections sections at the end - an interview with Rick MacPherson of Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice and Sunsets and a history of evolutionary biology and genetics.

Peter Etnoyer of Deep Sea News (moving soon to Discovery Blogs) also gave an interview but sadly it didn't appear in the article. No matter - with his permission, I'll copy his interview (in English) into a new post here ...and Rick's too in case like me you don't read Spanish.

Both of them deserve a very special shout-out, by the way, because they responded within twelve hours of my last-minute email asking for some external voices in support of the project for Gloria's piece. Thanks guys!

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