8 August 2008

SciFoo 2008: T minus 1 hour to SciFoo Camp

I am now in my hotel room in Silicon Valley and in one short hour, Google's shuttles and "G-Cars" (is it just me or do these rides sound like they might just be pimped?) will come to whisk me along with what is probably best described as a cross-section of the world's science literati to Googleplex for dinner, libations and the first of three days of high science drama.

I still remember how excited I was when I received my invitation to Science Foo Camp (or simply SciFoo), and now that I'm here that sense of excitement is back in force. A quick scan of the invitee list has yielded at least thirty names of people I'm determined to meet, including a few celebrity scientists.

Sights and sounds so far have included seeing several pasty white bodies at pool-side sunning themselves whilst tapping happily away on their Macbook Pro keypads: a science blogger's paradise.

I will endeavour to post updates & photos here at least once a day throughout the weekend and I will wrap it all up with an enriched omnibus post (which I will have plenty of time to write while waiting in limbo at Denver International Airport for six hours on Monday).

Here we go!


G-Fav said...

Speaking of SciFoo-likely hotel-folk, don't forget the man with the t-shirt that says, in huge letters, "STOP PLATE TECTONICS."


Anonymous said...

Not really envious from a rainy Yorkshire. Oh no.

Lacy said...

I wanted to leave a comment but I'm still laughing over the "Stop Plate Tectonics" T. I mean come on, what's the encore to that laugh?