9 August 2008

SciFoo 2008: a quickie at lunchtime

It's Day One and I've got a few minutes after lunch* and before the first afternoon session to type out a quick update.

Last night was the big opener: dinner and drinks followed by the most amazing couple of hours where every SciFoo Camper introduced him/herself, their affiliation and three words/phrases which they felt described their interests, followed by more drinks. Picture a room full of 200 of the brightest minds in (and around) science, and hearing each say the three most compelling things they can think of to describe their work. My own humble tags were "biodiversity, DNA and the Voyage of a New Beagle". Other examples included “energy, epidemiology and economic justice”, "scientists are sexy", “geographic storytelling”, “art and science of jazz improv”, "infectcious disease modeling and surveillance", “DNA from dead things & giant squid” and “ecology of ignorance”.

My favorite session this morning so far was called "seducing the public with science", about which more tonight/tomorrow. For now, though, pictures!

SciFoo swag!

On the way in...

The main room at SciFoo Camp is set up as ...well ...a camp.

The opening session included short (mostly) and snappy (mostly) introductions from every camper.

*yes, the food at Googleplex is as good as they say


Kevin Zelnio said...

OMG! A Sigg bottle on a D-Clip! Thats so pimp.

Peter Mc said...

I know. We'll never hear the last of it.