13 August 2008

Glendon Mellow (aka the Flying Trilobite), what a hero.

We have been strucken by Glendon's 'art in awe of science' productions for a while now. His fictitous fossil alter ego is The Flying Trilobite, which has just by some process new to science (shall we call it tatonomy?) made it onto Glendon's arm.

Well the generous Glendon has offered to donate a portion of the sales of his surreal "Darwin took steps" portrait, his contribution to Darwin Day 2008. Many thanks Glendon. Now check out his blog and visit Glendon's Deviantart Gallery. And if you want some scientific artwork with a twist, I'm sure Glendon would happy to accept the occasional commission.

Glendon's Redbubble shop, from which Darwin Took Steps and other great pieces arts can be bought, is here.


Elke Watts said...

Yay Glendon!!

Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

Thanks for the mention, Beagle-ers!

I've added some new selections, including some t-shirts using the pencil drawing for Darwin Took Steps, and another version of the painting without text. Same proceeds will apply.

Diana Sudyka said...

excellent glendon!