27 August 2008

Deep Sea (HUGE) News

Kevin, Craig and Peter at Deep Sea News have been posting teasers for roughly the last 24 hours that they have some truly ginormous news to announce today. One of the teasers is a YouTube video of a Space Shuttle launch. If Deep Sea News is going to space I am going to die of envy.

They said they'd post it "first thing in the morning" so it's really gonna be any minute now for sure! So get on over there and hit "refresh" every few minutes or so like the rest of us.


Kevin Zelnio said...

The Big News is Revealed!

Bob O'Hara said...

Ah. They've been acquired by another blogging stable. Judging from the lyrics, they were won (or lost) in some high-stakes gambling.

Oh well. See you at the pub crawl tomorrow.

Codswallop said...

It's a commercial for a goddamned TV show.

If there had been a science news story connected with this, I would have appreciated hearing about it. A new TV show is not science news. These shows, even when they are good, are still in the business of selling soap. The Discovery Channel does not need your help, and the show will get plenty of coverage without this sort of faux-viral campaign. I consider this post deceptive and a waste of my time.

I will not tolerate another breach of trust like this one. Please do not cause me to regret following and supporting the Beagle Project. And do not squander your credibility with the public by needlessly flogging commercial media.

Karen James said...

Dear Codswallop,

It is a homemade commercial by three committed deep sea activists to announce that they are moving their blog to the discovery channel, which is a big deal in blog-dom because it means 1) a bigger audience and 2) a paycheck

This move will bring about a wider dissemination of information about the understudied deep sea, and it's good for the careers of the bloggers, too.

The news story here is that a big media hitter like Discovery has paid attention to the deep sea for once, and it needs all the attention it can get.

"Breach of trust"? "Deceptive"? One of the points of blogging is to follow the trials and tribulations your fellow bloggers, and we do that without remorse here at the beagle project blog, and will keep doing it too.

It's not "deceptive" to highlight when a fellow blogger - one you know shares your core values - does good.

Moreover, we often comment here at TBPB on what the mainstream media does, what programmes they air, what science they butcher. It's part of our schtick, and it's part of our general commentary on the role of science in society, a role we hope the Beagle Project can enhance. If you're a regular reader of our blog you'll know that.


Peter Etnoyer said...

Codswallop, welcome to the world of science blogging. You must be new. In the blogosphere, the narrator is rarely absent from the narrative. If they were absent, it would be more like the mainstream media you pursue.

Science blogs are not ALL about science. That would be boring. Here, authors can digress, swear, insult, invite readers to a party, call bull, attack and parley.

So, when you get sick of reading AP and Reuters press releases from Science of the Day Incorporated, please stop by for insights from writers who, for the most part, volunteer their time so you can learn something new. Open up a little but to this. You'll find it refreshing.

Pepijn said...

And just in case of codswallop leaving I finally decided to feed The Beagle Project Blog into my rss-reader. You're doing a great job people :)

Karen James said...

Thanks, pepijn! And nice overfishing website too.