21 August 2008

Britannia rules the waves

Note: this blog post has an obligatory soundtrack (mp3).

Many thanks to British sailors Paul Goodison, Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson who have, by winning yet more Olympic gold medals, enabled me to use the above title, which I hatched only just too late to use atop my first post on British Olympic sailing gold.

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Bob O'Hara said...

Ah, good. When Idowu wins gold, will the soundtrack be "When the Red, Red Robin Goes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along"?

Not having a TV, I've had to resort to the BBC to follow the games. But this morning I had to take The Beast to the vets, to get his vaccines (he's going to a cat hotel when I go to the UK for the ScienceBlogging meeting).

Whilst we were waiting we got to watch the canoeing. This is in Finland, and The Beast (poor dear) is Australian. So aside from the normal stress of being at the vets, he had to watch as his fellow Aussies lost and were eliminated, along with the Finns. Even worse for him, the one Brit we saw racing qualified for her final.

The last time we were at the vets was during the opening ceremony. Luckily we were called in just before Sarah Brightman started singing.