7 July 2008

Underdogs on the Guardian Science Weekly Podcats

Note: Yes, I did notice my typo above but then decided it was far too delightful to correct.

This week on the Guardian Science Weekly podcats podcast:
"This week, the Science Weekly team discuss dark energy and the even darker matter of the gender gap with astrophysicist Sarah Bridle - recipient of a Women in Science fellowship. It's sponsored by a well-known cosmetics company - is it worth it? Do awards like this actually help to de-beard science? And isn't this a wider societal problem anyway?

Also in the show, we hear from comedian Bill Bailey about his admiration for the anthropologist Alfred Russel Wallace - the forgotten hero of evolution."


Sissy Willis said...

As you know, you can't herd podcats.

Anonymous said...

The company which makes the RSPB's podcast is called Podcats. In very poor taste that, I thought.