22 July 2008

Sea-struck: Beagle Project interview on LabLit

Many thanks to Jennifer Rohn, LabLit editor, Nature Network blogger, fellow University of Washington PhD, fellow passer of the Life in the UK test and applicant for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (no, we are not the same person, really, I swear), for conceiving and running this interview on LabLit.

Jennifer got everything right: from her correction of my typo that had Pliny the Elder living just 200 years ago to her 'Editor's note' that explains my distinct roles at the Natural History Museum and the Beagle Project ...and her photo captions are brilliant.

The one ittle exception is that she 'corrected' my proper spelling of whisky (an unpardonable sin in some circles). We should be forgiving, though, as Jenny, like me, is American, where whiskey is the norm. For all this, Jenny gets a special invitation to the Beagle launch party, which we hope will be in 2010 ...but only if we get the support we need to build her (see those PayPal buttons up there to the left?).

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