21 July 2008

SciFoo attendees list announced

Some of you may remember the shouts of delight emanating from the London area a few months back when I got invited to SciFoo Camp. Well, it's fast approaching now, and the SciFoo organisers have put up the near-final SciFoo "Campers" list on the (private) SciFoo wiki.

A quick scan reveals a few ever-so-slightly famous names including Craig Venter, Martin Rees and Sydney Brenner. If you don't know who these people are, might I subtly point you in the direction of Wikipedia?

PZ Myers will be there too (I plan on thanking him personally for all that lovely traffic he sends in the Beagle Project's direction).


coturnix said...

I thought PZ will be on Galapagos at the time?

Karen James said...

Interesting, well, his name was listed on the SciFoo Campers page...