29 July 2008

Kevin "I am a deep-sea biologist" Zelnio

One of the Beagle Project's biggest fans, Kevin Zelnio of The Other 95% and Deep Sea News blogging fame, has just published a piece in Seed Magazine's "Why I Do Science" section entitled On the Allure of the Ocean's Novelty.  Kevin's article kind of reminds me of a young Charles Darwin on the Beagle, who wrote on January 10th, 1832:
I proved to day the utility of a contrivance which will afford me many hours of amusement & work. — it is a bag four feet deep, made of bunting, & attached to semicircular bow this by lines is kept upright, & dragged behind the vessel. — this evening it brought up a mass of small animals, & tomorrow I look forward to a greater harvest. —
...then the next day wrote:
 I am quite tired having worked all day at the produce of my net. — The number of animals that the net collects is very great & fully explains the manner so many animals of a large size live so far from land. — Many of these creatures so low in the scale of nature are most exquisite in their forms & rich colours. — It creates a feeling of wonder that so much beauty should be apparently created for such little purpose. — The weather is beautiful & the blueness of the sky when contrasted with white clouds is certainly striking.
He even has a beard.


Eric Heupel said...

Nothing like a plankton net to keep a young marine biologist entertained for hours!

Anonymous said...

Oh, our Kevin, he is a bright one all right. I was happily surprised to see this piece on SEED.

Somehow, it makes me wish for the drudgery of science, when he talks about the discoveries he makes.