3 July 2008

The BBC has announced its Darwin 2009 plans

Sir David Attenborough (all kneel) and Andrew Marr are the star turns in a series of programmes:

The BBC has outlined a raft of programmes to celebrate the life and work of Charles Darwin, featuring Sir David Attenborough and Andrew Marr.

February 12, 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, and November 24 next year marks 150 years since On The Origin Of Species was published.

Darwin's book laid out the theory of evolution by natural selection.

The programmes will feature during the BBC's winter season 08/09.

George Entwistle, controller knowledge commissioning, BBC Vision, said: "The key Darwin anniversaries provide an excellent opportunity for the BBC to explore in real depth this revolutionary idea, and the man behind it."

BBC1 will kick off the season with a one-off special from Sir David and the Natural History Unit in Bristol. With the working title Tree Of Life, Sir David will make the case for the importance of the science of evolution in the one-hour programme.

Marr will front a three-part series for BBC2, exploring the radical impact of Darwin's theory, with the working title Andrew Marr On Darwin's Legacy.

BBC4 will present two specially commissioned one-off documentaries - What Darwin Didn't Know and Darwin: In His Own Words. The latter programme will use newly-released documents from Cambridge University on Darwin's thoughts before he made his theory public.

Farmer Jimmy Doherty will recreate Darwin's plant experiments at Down House, the Darwin family home in Kent, in a BBC2 series Darwin's Garden.

BBC Radio 4 and 3 will also be marking the anniversaries with programmes.

Source: PA


George Beccaloni (aka Wallace's Rottweiler) said...

I thought David Attenborough would be making a series about Darwin. Oh well. Also what ever happened to the series Dawkins was going to be making? Perhaps it was for another channel?

I hope that Radio 4's Darwin broadcasts will be better than the drivel they apparently broadcast on July 1st to mark the reading of the Darwin-Wallace papers. I didn't actually hear the programme, but several people have told me that it was rubbish and that they hadn't seem to have ever heard about Wallace!

George Beccaloni (aka Wallace's Rottweiler) said...

I would like to add that I have just listened to a copy of the programme on the Radio 4 website and it is indeed as bad as people reported. Not only did they omit to mention Wallace but they did not talk about the 1st July Linnean meeting where the papers were read! Instead went to Down House and chatted about hedge parsley! What a great way to mark the 150th anniversary of the discovery of natural selection!