19 June 2008

How deep is your love?

I love finding new images of the Beagle. I have a collection of them rotating as desktop decoration. Today, I found an especially noteworthy work of Beagle art, unique by virtue of its medium: ink on skin ...well, actually, in skin.

Yes, a Kansas City community college prof named "Craig" has had himself tattooed with our muse, the HMS Beagle herself. This is a cropped image. Click the tat to see it in its glorious entirety at Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium:
About his tattoo, Craig writes:
"I teach English at a community college in Kansas City. My tattoo is attached. You might wonder why I am sending a tattoo of a sailing ship to you. That's not just any ship: it is the Beagle, in a famous image as it anchored off of the Galapagos. Darwin has long been one of my main intellectual heroes. In addition, I do teach science (evolution and climate change at various times) in writing classes because the "debates" about each represent much that is wrong with public discourse today and because we have a theme of informed citizenship in those classes; it is impossible to be an informed citizen without some understanding of what science is and how it works. For both of those reasons, teaching science in college writing classes is both relevant and very interesting"
I can't help wondering, does Craig's tattoo hurt in a Harry Potterish way when Bill Dembski comes near? Craig, if you're out there, do get in touch. We'd love to welcome you aboard the new Beagle once she's built - drinks on me.

h/t Kevin Zelnio, himself the owner of some impressive science tats

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Jamie said...

Oh wow ~ what an entirely new concept you've opened up...great post, thanks!