9 May 2008

What? Me? Invited to Sci Foo?

This morning, still jet-lagging a bit from my trip to New York, I opened my email and, lo and behold, I found this:

We'd like to invite you to join us on the weekend of August 8-10 for Science Foo Camp (or "Sci Foo"), a unique, invitation-only gathering organized by Nature, O'Reilly Media, and Google, and hosted at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.

Now in its third year, SciFoo is already achieving cult status among those with a passion for science and technology. The Economist said that it "capture[s] the essence of innovation"; in a photo essay for Edge (http://tinyurl.com/3o9sam), George Dyson wrote of the "the impossible choice" when deciding which sessions to attend; another attendee described it simply as "The best gathering ever. Period."

As before, we will be inviting about 200 people from around the world who
are doing groundbreaking work in diverse areas of science and technology. Participants will include not only researchers, but also writers, artists, investors, and other thought-leaders.

The format is highly informal: all delegates are also presenters and
demonstrators; the schedule is determined collaboratively on the first evening; and sessions continue to be organized and re-organized throughout the weekend. This creates a unique opportunity to explore topics that transcend traditional boundaries, and discussions are of a kind that happens at the best conferences during breaks and late into the night. Of course, there will also be time to have fun and relax at Google's legendary campus.

SciFoo 2008 will run from about 6pm on Friday, August 8 until after lunch
on Sunday, August 10. Campers need to make their own way to and from the event, but Google will provide accommodation and meals, and there is no registration fee. For those who don't have cars, there will also be free shuttle buses between the hotel and the Googleplex.

Please RSVP by replying to this email. We do have space restrictions, so
if you'd like to attend please be sure to reply as soon as possible, and in any case by May 16.

We hope to see you at the Googleplex in August!

Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media

Chris DiBona, Google

Timo Hannay, Nature

*rubs eyes*

*reads again*

*jumps from chair and dances a jig*

*sends RSVP and dances another jig*

A big, big thank-you to anyone who had any part in nominating me. I have a couple of guesses, but I suppose you can never know for sure with these things.

I can't wait to find out who else will be there. Hint, hint... allow me to direct your attention to the "Comments" link below.


Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

That's great! Ya know, it seems like you may possibly travel around the world even before the Beagle sails! Or maybe just the span of the United States....

Richard Carter, FCD said...

Congratulations, Nun. I hope you're collecting air miles.

Attila Csordas said...

Congrats Karen, looking forward to meeting with you there.