15 May 2008

Reasons to build a Beagle (lost count + 2)

Today, Nature News (in brief) has this:
Cosmologist quits Britain over poor physics funding

A leading cosmologist is leaving the United Kingdom for Canada, in part, he says, because of the government's attitude towards funding physics research. Neil Turok, a cosmologist at the University of Cambridge, says that recent funding cuts for fundamental physics in Britain “played a big role” in his decision to take up the post of executive director at the independent, non-profit Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. Turok says the cuts, and a desire for more applied research, are “the latest in a long history of the [government's] misunderstanding of the role of basic science”. Turok will bring valuable research and leadership experience to the institute, says Perimeter's founder, Mike Lazaridis.
Sigh... and this from a country that produced Newton and Darwin. Why aren't British politicians excited about science? This is supposed to be a knowledge economy after all. Here at the Beagle Project we offer a reason to get excited. It looks like this:

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