25 May 2008

Kiwi teens "Find Time" to follow in Darwin's footsteps

From The Nelson Mail:
Finding Time for a British adventure
Marcus Stickley

Three Nelson College students will travel in naturalist Charles Darwin's footsteps through Britain after winning a prestigious national science film-making competition.

Ross Inness-McLeish, Oliver Neas, both 16, and Jack Tippler, 17, came first out of more than 50 teams from throughout the country in the Freemasons Big Science Adventures competition. Their five-minute film, Finding Time [link to right], explained how college old boy Ernest Rutherford's understanding of radioactivity underpinned Darwin's theory of evolution by showing that the Earth was old enough for the slow processes of evolution to have occurred.

Competition administrator the Royal Society of New Zealand chose the theme of Darwin and evolution to mark the 150th anniversary of the Wallace-Darwin paper on natural selection...

...continued at The Nelson Mail.
I hope the trio will come by the Natural History Museum and see Darwin's freshly relocated statue. Maybe some day (soon) they'll even consider joining in a trip 'round the world on the new Beagle.

See Ross, Oliver and Jack's winning video (complete with awesome popcorn analogy for radioactive decay!) at HotScience, worth visiting in its own right for a whole slew of great science videos.

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