28 May 2008


This is the 500th Beagle Project Blog post, everybody!
*anticipates deafening silence in comments*
Well, it's true; blogiversaries are generally significant only to the bloggers being honoured (by themselves), and yawn-inducing to readers, so I thought I'd make it a bit more interesting by posting a few Beagle Project Blog stats:

We made 242 posts to the old Beagle Project Blog site, which was active for exactly one year starting August 2006. Of these, 225 were posted by Peter and 17 an embarrassingly small number by me (in my defense, I only started blogging in March 07).

In a much shorter period of time--just 9 months--we've made 258 posts to this, our current blogspot. I'm relieved to see that I'm now pulling my weight as a co-blogger: 116 of these were posted by Peter and 142 by yours truly.

And now marching on to a few more blog stats, below I list the top three posts/links in each category (using MyBlogLog stats from this new site only). As you'll see, the take home message is "carnivals rock".

Number of views:
Number of comments:
Most-clicked links:
Top senders of traffic (single posts):
...excluding Science blogs:
I would have liked to show more (especially top referring sites, both including and excluding ScienceBlogs) but MyBlogLog seems to be preoccupied with something else. That and I need to go away now and ice my carpal tunnel.


coturnix said...

Congratulations! Call me when you post the 5000th post ;-)

SFMatheson said...

Congratulations, and thanks for running an interesting and superior blog! I'll celebrate by adding it to my highly exclusive blogroll. :-) Cheers,

Richard Carter, FCD said...

W00t! In the words of Sir Cliff Richard, con gra tu laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tions!

The Flying Trilobite said...


All the best to the blog, and its illustrious, informative, entertaining authors!

Jamie said...

WoooOOOT! Keep up the marvelous work. I'm in the middle of "The Reluctant Mister Darwin" and think of you folks quite often. Bravo to science!