23 April 2008

A week in search of the Beagle (Part 3/5)

If you've ever wondered what happened to the HMS Beagle, this is your week!

On Monday we received a broad brush overview of the history of the ship from her birthplace at Woolwich dockyard in London, and we heard some rather moving reflections by Robert Prescott, Professor Keith Thompson and Gordon Chancellor on the irony of her anonymous end in light of her now-famous contributions to science. Listen again to Episode 1 and read my mini-review.

On Tuesday we were swept along to Cambridge with Robert Prescott to learn more about Darwin's own thoughts about the little ship that was his home for five years. Listen again to Episode 2.

Today it's back to London, to the National Archives at Kew, and then down to Paglesham in Essex where the Beagle quietly lived out her tenure as a Coast Guard watch vessel; treasures emerge from the mudflats, but the mystery is still not solved. Listen again to Episode 3.

Paglesham, in Essex, where the HMS Beagle spent her final years.

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