22 April 2008

A week in search of the Beagle (Part 2/5)

Just to say that now you can not only listen again to Episode 1 (and read my mini-review), but also Episode 2, in which Robert Prescott visits Cambridge and reads excerpts of Darwin's letters home from the Beagle, and in which we learn that seasickness seems to make people a just a wee little bit grumpy.


Peter Mc said...

Prolonged seasickness does make people grumpy. I have seen it completely incapacitate some people, and there are records of it killing people on long voyages - exhaustion, dehydration, inability to keep any food down. As I always say: Darwin was a rich kid who could have baled from the voyage, but stuck it out. he was a toughie.

nunatak said...

Oh, believe me, I wasn't making light of it. I am pitiful when nauseous.