6 April 2008

Today: your Beagle bloggers get their hour of fame on the radio

Update: Podcast now available here!

Peter and I are going to be interviewed by Mike Haubrich a.k.a. Tangled Up in Blue Guy on "Atheists Talk", the talk show of the Minnesota Atheists on AM950 KTNF today, Sunday, April 6 at 9am Central Daylight = 3pm London (GMT+1). Mike says if you are out of reach of the signal you can still stream online as long as you enter a Minnesota zip code (55112 works).

Mike Haubrich in the studio, preparing to
earn his spot in the new Beagle's crow's nest "tops".


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Thanks for helping to promote the show, Karen. I look forward to this. I am going to have to photoshop this pick and display my Beagle Project shirt as soon as it arrives.

Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

Great show & spreading the word about the project. You will ahve to let me know the ship's itinerary (when it goes to Boston) so I can try to make that an event not to miss...