10 April 2008

Reasons to build a Beagle (lost count +1)

Sometimes you have to wonder just what the British education system has been doing for the past few decades. What follows almost made me rend my garments. Design Week reports on what sounds like an excellent Darwin 200 display in the making at Down House:
"English Heritage's offering for the bicentenary of Darwin's birth next year is to be developed around its Down House exhibition, with the help of Designmap.(snip) As well as commemorating Darwin's bicentenary and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On The Origin of Species, English Heritage aims to clarify Darwin's theories to the public through a revamped permanent exhibition space at Down House in Kent, where Darwin lived. (Excellent - ed. Snip.)

English Heritage interpretation officer Jenny Cousins explains that funding released by the sale of neighbouring property Buckston Browne to the Charles Darwin Trust in 2004 has enabled the £1m development.
If you have blood pressure pills, prepare to neck a few now.
'One of the things that came out of the visitor research was that the public knows who Darwin is, but doesn't really know what he did, what his theories are, or why he's important. It's Designmap's job to tell the story,' says Cousins."
Congrats to Designmap, and their advisory committee certainly know their Darwin onions, but it does make one wonder just what the dickens has been going on in biology and history classes the length and breadth of Britain all these years that the bulk of people asked don't know 'really know what he did, what his theories are, or why he's important.'

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Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

I was surprised to find that the mother of my children, the ex-wife, didn't know what The Beagle was. She didn't even seem to think that science is all that important. I wonder if I can revisit the custody arrangements?

Fortunately, the kids are doing very well in science and they know about The Beagle.

But, I am afraid that it is all too common of an attitude to adopt regarding Darwin. It's why the Discovery Institute has been so successful at framing Darwin as ruining everything.

Let's get this ship built.