12 April 2008

"If you don't see it, it doesn't exist" ... Well then, see it, here, in twelve parts.

I've posted before about the ORV Alguita and their awesome real-time blog from the North Pacific Gyre/plastic garbage patch.

Now there's a 12-part documentary TV series about it called Garbage Island on the online broadcast network VBS.tv. Parts 1-5 are already available to watch online. To get you started, here's Part 1:

Warning: adult language

VBS correspondent Thomas Morton wrote about his experience on the Alguita...
Before this trip, I was never all that crazy about the ocean. I’ve always appreciated the fact that it generates the majority of the world’s oxygen and keeps us nice and far from places like Britain, but in terms of any sort of awe or “respect” it just never happened. I would say I looked at it less as the primeval womb of all terrestrial life than as an excessive amount of water you sometimes have to fly over...

...Needless to say this whole journey ended up overturning my expectations about the Garbage Patch, as well as just about every misconception I’ve ever held about the sea, environmentalism, consumption, barfing, knots, pollution, humanity, and myself...
H/t Deep Sea News.

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