9 April 2008

Fan of molluscs? Read on...

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***Advance announcement***


Friday, 25th April 2008, starting 10.30 am

Venue: The Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, London, UK (closest entrance on Exhibition Rd)

The Malacological Society of London announces a one day symposium ‘Speciation in Molluscs’ to coincide with the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Talks will be given by invited speakers at the forefront of this field. This meeting will be of interest to evolutionary biologists, biogeographers, students, post-doctoral researchers and researchers.

Provisional Timetable
1030-1040 – Introduction and welcome (Georges Dussart, President Malacological Society, London)
1040-1120 – Menno Schilthuizen (Evolution on a block of rock; snail speciation on tropical limestone karst)
1120-1200 – Ellinor Michel ­(Gastropod endemism in African freshwaters: traits, time and topography)
1200-1320 – lunch and AGM meeting
1320-1400 – Jon Todd (Patterns from the fourth dimension of a marine snail radiation)
1400-1440 – Chris Meyer (Dispersal and speciation in a big pond)
1440-1500 – Coffee break & poster session
1500-1540 – Angus Davison (Speciation and gene flow between Japanese snails of contrasting ecology and opposite chirality)
1540-1620 – Emilio Rolan (Ecological speciation of Littorina saxatilis in Galicia)
1620-1750 – Wine reception & poster session

Places are limited, and registration is required. Registration is FREE and includes a wine reception to follow the meeting. Please let us know if you wish to bring a poster, and provide an abstract. Send applications by e-mail to Suzanne Williams: S.Williams (at) nhm (dot) ac (dot) uk.

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