1 April 2008

Bora in Blighty: NHM squid tour (plus)

Not that I needed a particular reason to schedule a special tour of the Natural History Museum's tank room complete with giant squid for fellow science bloggers and UK Pharyngulites, but...

Bora's coming to town!

Organising sites are here and here (and well, now here). It sounds like there might be several different meet-ups while Bora is in the UK, so please note that this post is only to organise for the 9th of April in London. Visit the links above to organise for other dates/places.

Where: The Natural History Museum in South Kensington (meet at the reception desk just inside the main entrance and to the left)

When: 4:30pm Wednesday 9th April

...and then on to: The Queen's Arms from 6-9pm for pints and possibly on to dinner

RSVP: I need to know how many people will come on the tour, so please email me at karen (at) thebeagleproject (dot) com


matt said...

Well, I'm in for the tour.
(Matt B from Nature Network)

Joe Dunckley said...

I'll come along to the pub, probably around 7. Doubt I'll manage the squid tour, though it does sound fun...