2 April 2008

A big Beagle thank you to artist Diana Sudyka

Diana Sudyka, a Chicago-based artist "with a passion for all things feathered and wild" has created this image for us, gratis. I strongly suggest you click it and spend some time admiring it at full size:

As for me, I'm simply beside myself about it. It's got all my favourite Darwin/Beagle elements, including a young Darwin (it is very important that he is shown young more often), the Galapagos archipelago (background), a Galapagos finch (upper right), a Galapagos mockingbird (upper left, and deserving of a whole blog post on its own... some day soon), the beloved Brazilian orchid Sophronitis purpurata, some lovely ferny foliage, and best of all, the HMS Beagle herself!

Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks, as we begin incorporating Diana's image into the visual look of our website, shop and blog, including new T-shirts, tote bags and stickers!

Now, please join us in thanking Diana by spending some time on her website, shop and blog, admiring her portfolio:
web: Diana Sudyka
blog: The Tiny Aviary
shop: Diana Sudyka's Etsy Shop



That is gorgeous, I love, love, love it. (Really like it, too.)

Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

My comment here:

Richard Carter, FCD said...

Nice logo.

HMS Beagle was a lot smaller than I imagined!

coturnix said...

It is fantastic! Love it! Will you have mugs and t-shirts with this?

nunatak said...

But of course, Bora!

Peter Mc said...

(Dryly) Now let me see....