1 March 2008

Ancient and modern

Engine room. On the left, one of the two 400hp 8 cylinder diesels for when the wind is unfavourable (Beagle is planned to have two 225 hp engines) and in the middle the lower section of the mainmast, which rests on the keel. (The flourescent strip lights are authentic copies of the 1750 originals.) The engines use 2.5 tonnes of diesel a day at cruising speed (1500 rpm) which will push her along at 7 knots. Under sail she has hit 14 knots and as my host who was aboard during that run said 'that ain't bad for 370 tonnes'. The helm is operated using hydraulics powered by a generator (this ship has four) but has a manual backup, and when it's being done using human power it takes four people at the wheel:The spaghetti is just a few of the lines needed to hoist and set the sails on the mizzen mast (the small one at the back).

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