19 February 2008

"Charles Darwin and I first met under a rock"

Michael Barton's review of The Voyage of the Beetle by Anne Weaver and George Lawrence makes me desperate to be 9 years old again.

The subtitle is charming (A Journey around the World with Charles Darwin and the Search for the Solution to the Mystery of Mysteries, as Narrated by Rosie, an Articulate Beetle) and smacks of Darwin's own long-winded subtitle.

After you're done reading Michael's review, don't miss the book's companion site.

Now I know exactly what to buy for all of the children in my life on their 9th birthdays!


Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

You play in a museum every day, and you get to go on a ship around the world (or partly?) - what more could you ask for to be a kid again!?

nunatak said...

You have a point. Still, I would have loved this book at that age...