11 February 2008

Beagle Projecteers go live on Darwin Day

Tomorrow is Darwin Day and it is chockablock with Beagle Project online goodies and other London events:

Tuesday 12 Feb 12:30 GMT
I (nunatak) will be speaking on "Darwin the young explorer" at the Natural History Museum in the Nature Live venue (live stream here). And no, I don't want to hear anything about how they chose an image of old Darwin to advertise the talk. Not my doing, nosiree. If it had been up to me, they'd have used the image at right, or something like it.

Tuesday 12 Feb 17:00 GMT
Peter Mc and I will be interviewed on BBC Radio 4's PM programme. You will have one week to listen again here.

Tuesday 12 Feb 18:30 GMT

Annual Darwin Day lecture at University College, London. This year, Tim Lewens of University of Cambridge will be lecturing on "Charles Darwin: a philosophical naturalist", and the session will be chaired by Professor Richard Dawkins. More info at the New Humanist blog.

Wednesday 13 Feb 16:00 GMT
If you are in London be sure to attend the now storied "Charles Darwin's Birthday Party" also at the Natural History Museum (event pdf). The title, "Nature does not make leaps ...or does it?" is oh-so-topical considering the latest brouhaha about hopeful monsters/saltation, punctuated equilibria and the like.

Image of Darwin the young explorer from Dispersal of Darwin.

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