12 February 2008

Beagle bloggers on BBC Radio!

It is 7pm now in the UK and I am delighted to announce that it has been a truly banner Darwin Day for your humble Beagle bloggers!

We were on BBC Radio for a solid five minutes, complete with ocean sound effects and audio clips from the BBC's much loved 1978 documentary about the voyage.

Listen again here. If you are listening before Wednesday 6pm GMT, simply click the "Listen to the latest edition" button. If it's after Wednesday 6pm you'll have to click "Tuesday edition" in the right sidebar. The interview starts at minute 22:58.

Peter steals the day with his gripping reading of Fitzroy's "sorely tried" passage and a hilarious comment about how if he'd been there he'd have wet himself.

There is also a blog post associated with the airing, written by BBC's Chris Vallance, who interviewed us. The post has an excellent supplementary interview with Darwin's great great grandson and author of Annie's Box Randal Keynes, who very kindly sings our praises (unprompted!).


Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

What a day to celebrate! I am looking forward to listening to these at home tonight....

Michael D. Barton, FCD said...

Also, when will Karen's Nature live program about the "young Darwin" appear online?

nunatak said...

Um, uh ... shuffling feet ... not sure. I'll be sure to post it when it goes up though!

Sissy Willis said...

Garbo speaks . . . Totally awesome!

Terry Finley said...

I am so glad we have
computers to make things
like this available across
oceans, etc.


Sid Leavitt said...

Great broadcast. Interesting, articulate, informative. It made me wish most of American radio weren't such crap.