8 January 2008

What Sailors term a strong gale

Another gem from Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary:
8th January, 1833

Off Cape Horn
On the 8th it blew what Sailors term a strong gale (it is the first we have had) the Beagle is however so good a sea-boat, that it makes no great difference.
Wow, that Darwin was made of sturdier stuff than I. The squiggly red line in the photo is, I can only suppose, the path that the Beagle took during the storm. Darwin was terribly seasick the entire five years of the voyage and yet in a "strong gale" off of Cape Horn he says, in essence, 'twas nothing. If it had been me, I'd have wet myself, and then written in my diary that I had wet myself. For a bigger version of the map you will have to visit its true home.

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