25 January 2008

We get mail

These are the emails we live for here at the Beagle Project:

I found the Beagle Project Website and think that it is a fabulous project. Is there any chance in the future that your organization and science partners might be looking to hire science technicians? I have a M.S. in Marine Biology as well as experience in zooplankton, fisheries, larval bioenergetics* and immunology. I am currently in government and not affiliated with a lab but would love the opportunity to be part of the science taking place through your project.

Sahrye Cohen
For now, we have to tell Sahrye and all the other aspiring Beagle scientists who want to have life-changing and possibly world-changing experiences aboard to hang onto their hats just a little bit longer, because there's a certain £3.5 million that we have to raise first. As Peter Mc said in his recent eloquent entreaty:
The Irish have their sailing famine ships.
The Dutch their rebuilt Indiamen.
The US has innumerable historic square riggers.
The Swedes have Gotheborg.
The Australians have (our) Endeavour.
The British have ...er. We have a few square riggers, but none dating from or celebrating our maritime past.

Well, for £3.5 million we can give Britain that boat.
*in a follow-up email, Sahrye tells us that "larval bioenergetics is how I would characterize a project I worked on that measured metabolism and respiration in crab larvae (Marsh et. al., 2001, pdf)"

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