17 January 2008

The Wallace Memorial Fund website is up!

Well done to George Beccaloni* (a.k.a. Wallace's Rottweiler) for launching the spanking new Wallace Memorial Fund website. The site sports this absolutely fabulous logo:

...which is strikingly similar (wink wink, George) to the Darwin200 logo:

For more about Wallace, be sure to visit the Memorial Fund site, and don't miss Olivia Judson's provocatively titled piece in the New York Times.

*Rather than telling you who George Beccaloni is, I thought I'd let his enviable email signature do it for me:
Curator of Orthopteroidea (cockroaches [including termites], mantids, earwigs, stick insects, grasshoppers, crickets etc) & the A. R. Wallace insect collection,
Entomology Department,
The Natural History Museum [British Museum (Natural History)]

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