22 January 2008

Tuesday top ten: bloggers for Beagle

I just had a look at our blog statistics for the first time in a long while, and I would like to give a shout out to those bloggers and websites who are sending traffic our way and thereby helping us to build a shiny new Beagle.

Top ten senders of traffic to the Beagle Project Blog:
  1. Pharyngula (especially the posts Help the Beagle Sail Again, Don't get David Attenborough mad and Ha-haa England!)
  2. Free Range Academy
  3. The Friends of Charles Darwin (and associated blog The Red Notebook)
  4. Swordplay
  5. John Hawks Anthropology Weblog (especially the post Five Scientists Who Made the Modern World)
  6. it's a tie between A Blog Around the Clock and Greg Laden's Blog
  7. Sandwalk (especially the post Top Five Dead Scientists)
  8. Beautiful Biology: Ramblings of a Science Teacher
  9. ClustrMaps (where we were named User of the Month in September 2007)
  10. The Tiny Aviary (blog of Beagle-supporter and artist Diana Sudyka)
Honorable mentions to Messing About in Boats (11), Evolutie (12), Sisu (13), The Science Blogging Conference Wiki (14), The Dispersal of Darwin (15), The Other 95% (16), Lunartalks (17), Sex, Science and Voicemail (18), Cephalopodcast (19) and Laelaps (20).

The small print: In compiling this list I purposely excluded 1) the Beagle Project website because, though it sends by and far the most readers to the blog, it's would be both boring and a little too self congratulatory to list it, 2) potential spam sites, 3) Google and other search engines. Also not included are hits to our old blog spot or our shops.


Anonymous said...

I am honored to be honorable. Keep up the good work


Glad to be of service! A brilliant project that deserves much more attention.

Michael Barton, FCD said...

Where did Dispersal of Darwin show up in the stats?

nunatak said...

Gasp! Michael, I'm so sorry I left you out of the honourable mentions. Dispersal of Darwin was number 15. I'll fix that NOW.

Kevin Z said...

What!? Dispersal of Darwin beats out TO95?? I'm going to have to step it up.

Hey I just bought 2 onesies and a t-shirt after the conference!

Michael Barton, FCD said...

That's right, Kevin! And I haven't even ordered from the shop yet! When I get some extra $$$...

nunatak said...

Dispersal of Darwin vs. The Other 95%, Round 2 coming up: he who sends the most hits to the Beagle Project Shop between January 22nd and February 22nd will receive a $25 CafePress gift voucher for use in the Beagle Project shop (Kevin, I'll only count hits from The Other 95% not from Deep Sea News, that just wouldn't be fair, scienceblogs and all...).

Brian said...

Indeed, it's an "honor to be honourable." I guess I'll just have to throw a few more links your way to get my rank up though ;)

Richard Carter, FCD said...

The Friends of Charles Darwin only THIRD?!! Ah! But you cannot have included the referrals you get from the welcoming email sent out to new members when they join the FOCD. Seems to me, if I added some unique parameter at the end of the link (?referrer=FOCD, for example), you should be able to pick those up to and push my score well above Pharyngula's.

Oh, I get it. You're trying to drum up some healthy competition. Well I'm game.

coturnix said...

I have a cunning plan to beat Greg Laden! Just you wait!

Kevin Z said...

Well, I'm ashamed to see that Deep Sea News isn't even in the top 20!! I aim to change that in addition to beating out michael.

Karen, I think you've tapped into a resource here - competition between exhibitionists (aka bloggers)!