29 January 2008

Stand back, I'm going to try science


Inspired by all of the fabulous science bloggers I met at the SBC, I've decided it's high time to start blogging more about science. By this I mean blogging about peer reviewed research and synthesizing areas of research related to Beagle science (anything from 1809 to 2009 being fair game).

There are four five reasons for this, my new year's resolution (hey, it's still January, I'm just getting it in under the mark):

  1. Though I've always* considered myself a science blogger, when I look back at my posts over the last year, I am disappointed to see that most of them just dance around on the edges of science rather than jumping in with both feet (with some notable exceptions of which I am very proud).
  2. I'm coordinating the science programme for the new Beagle and I want everyone else to know--and understand--how exciting it's going to be.
  3. I like science, I do science, and I think there are a few people out there interested in science. Some even have a hunch that science rocks.
  4. Practice makes perfect. Just as Jennifer Ouellette said in her closing talk at the SBC, a blog can be considered one's "writing lab"
  5. This just in! I only just found out that my latest paper got accepted into PLoS ONE! In other words, I'm high on science, so there's even more reason to blog more about it.
So, are you standing back?

*a loose application of the word, corresponding to the past eleven months


Sissy Willis said...

You're beautiful when you're science blogging. ;-)

Congratulations on your PLoS ONE triumph!

My mother used to call me a "girl scientist" back in the dark ages of my young womanhood, but I went on to political/cultural/cat blogging. Your Mum must be so proud. :-)

Sid Leavitt said...

So, as common parlance has it -- you go, girl. And we'll stand back and read.

Sissy Willis said...

I hate it that when I write a comment it never shows up. What's in it for anyone, Darwinianly?

nunatak said...

sissy, your comments DO show up ... eventually. it's just that Peter Mc and I have to approve the comments first. give us a chance, see?

Kevin Z said...

*runs for the hills*

Looking forward to seeing what you got! Congratulations on your PLoS ONE paper!!! Hopefully Bora singles it out (hint hint nudge nudge wink wink). It must feel good to have a paper that anyone with an internet connection can read. Or maybe its nerve-wrecking knowing so many people can scrutinize you...