21 January 2008

Pics and vids from the SciBlogCon

No need to despair if you missed the Science Blogging Conference (SciBlogCon for short) this weekend in North Carolina. Photos are available on a series of recent posts by Bora at A Blog Around the Clock, and session videos and other pics and vids will continue to be posted to the SciBlogCon Commons.

It would be easy to get lost in the flood of media pouring onto the sites linked above, not to mention onto the conference delegates' own blogs, so here are a few that I deem worthy of special mention.

First up is the video stream of the conference session Real-time Blogging (RTB) in the Marine Sciences moderated by Kevin Z of The Other 95%, Jason Robertshaw of Cephalopodcast, Rick MacPherson of Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice and Sunsets, Peter Etnoyer of Deep Sea News and yours truly. We're all really happy with how the session went - there was a lot of energy in the room and we were able to cover a surprising number of topics in the short 70 minute session. As befitting a real-time blogger, Rick has already posted an excellent review of the session.

Second is one of Bora's photos of the Friday night dinner at the excellent Town Hall Grille. The picture shows not one but two fellow moderators of RTB in the Marine Sciences. From the left, Jason Robertshaw, the technical wizard behind Cephalopodcast, Jennifer Williams of Open Helix, Christina Whittle of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Christine Kristin Fellows, broadcast consultant for Wired Science and Nanotechnology on PBS (thanks, Bora!), and last but not least Kevin Z of The Other 95%, who has some photos of his own posted here. I chose this because of the sheer hilarity of Kevin Z's expression.

Third, be sure not to miss the photo of Shelly Batts of Retrospectacle (and others) impersonating PZ Myers (click teaser thumbnail to left). This is what happens when you don't come to the SciBlogCon. People make fun of you in your absence.

And finally, though Jennifer Jacquet of the Shifting Baselines Blog rightly warned us all about the fine line between personal voice and the "vulgarity of narcissism", I can't help crowing a little about my photo op with Professor Steve Steve, who has been proudly giving creationism the thumb since 2005. The fact that the photo was taken by Bora is a source of equal if not more pride.

A post-script about Professor Steve Steve:

Browsing through the prolific panda's posts, I find that he has already been to my place of work and I missed it! Fortunately he vows to return: "I think another visit to the Natural History Museum is in order," writes Professor Steve Steve, "as there simply was not time to visit everything. Next time I’ll use my contacts and arrange to travel behind the scenes and chat to the people who work there." Oo, oo, me, me, me!


Talia Page said...

Hi Karen,

It was great to meet you at the conference--I'm very excited about the Beagle Project!

Jennifer Jacquet said...

Karen, you have a great job and the Beagle project is going to be awesome! Make sure to keep Shifting Baselines posted on developments...

Jennifer Jacquet said...

p.s. Nice photo! Anything with a handpuppet...er...a Professor cannot be construed as vulgar!

Kevin Z said...

Karen, I had so much fun meeting you and hanging out with you last weekend!! I love that everyone only picks out the hilarious pictures of me. I guess I never look serious lol.

Say hi to Peter Mc!

Christina Whittle said...

Hi Karen,

Your second photo down is mis-IDed. I'm not sure who it is, but its definitely not me!

Kevin Z said...

Her name is Christine, I don't think she ever gave her last name but she is from Ashville, NC lol

coturnix said...

I am not 100% sure, but I think that is Kristin Fellows, broadcast consultant for Wired Science and Nanotechnology on PBS.