17 January 2008

North Carolina or bust

I'm flying across the pond tomorrow to attend the Science Blogging (Un)Conference in North Carolina. I'm very honoured to be co-moderating a session on "Real-time blogging in the Marine Sciences" with fellow science bloggers Kevin Zelnio of The Other 95%, Peter Etnoyer of Deep Sea News, , Rick MacPherson of Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets and Jason Robertshaw of Cephalopodcast.

Even if you're not attending, you can still browse to your heart's content at the conference wiki.

The conference dovetails with the publication of Open Laboratory 2007: The Best Writing on Science Blogs, an absolutely heroic effort by editor Reed Cartwright and series editor Bora Zivkovic, who also happens to be organising the SciBlogCon. I swear that guy is an octopus (if you haven't been reading science blogs long, I should mention that that is a huge complement).

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