6 January 2008

The National Academy of Sciences weighs in on creationism

The National Academy of Sciences has produced another edition of their excellent book on the evidence for evolution and the threat of creationist creep into science classrooms. You can get it free if you go to this site and hunt and peck for the sly little blue button that says "SIGN IN - to download free PDFs", just below the really enormous red "BUY BOOK" button.

PZ Myers and Larry Moran say all well and good except for that pesky little paragraph of 'pablum' about science and religion being compatible. But even if Myers and Moran are right about the logical incompatibility of science and religion, and the fallacy of compartmentalization, it doesn't necessarily follow that incompatibility between science and religion should be the position of the Advisors to the Nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine. I mean, if a national advisory body were really to tell people they can either believe in God or evolution, wouldn't they just be continuing that nasty black-and-white, with-us-or-against-us mindset that hasn't been doing us any favors of late?

Sunday update: I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking that I really ought to point out that the opinions expressed in this post belong to me, nunatak, and do not necessarily reflect those of fellow blogger Peter Mc or The Beagle Project. Actually, maybe I should think about getting a new blog for stuff like this.


Arjay said...

Please keep your very reasoned posts going on this issue, especially as I have just made a link to it on http://protectingourplanet.blogspot .com This was a fundamental dilemma for Robert Fitzroy, so remains a relevant topic for those trying to launch a new beagle.

nunatak said...

Have no fear Arjay. I/we will keep goring creationist oxen on the Beagle Project Blog. I'm talking about the even MORE opinionated opinions, such as those about atheism, plus a lot of non-Beagle mind-fluff, that will go on to the other blog. Thanks for the link by the way. I am going to add Future Earth to our blogroll just now.