13 January 2008

HMS Beagle off Cape Horn January 13th 1833.

HMS Beagle all its crew were 'sorely tried' in a Southern Ocean gale and the results belied the reputation of these little boats as 'coffin brigs'. Roger at the excellent Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary blog has done all the hard work, posting Darwin's Diary, FitzRoy's Diary entry and John Chancellor's hair-raising painting of the Beagle knock-down. Go and read, right now.

Had not Beagle been such a good sea-boat, and had not Fitzroy and his crew proved excellent seamen, we would not have 2009 celebrations to look forward to, would never have had the Origin of Species and the history of science might have been very different.

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Jamie said...

What a fantastic project! I'm adding a link to your site from my blog and will be following your adventures from here on. Best of luck to you all ~ Jamie